Thanks for the visit! Drop a link to your site if you have one, so I can return the favor.


2:16am 05-31-2022
Really awesome website! lots of originality not only in the layout but in the content as well, I can tell you got on here because you had lots of great stuff to share!
5:37pm 05-27-2022
This site is tight as hell! Also big thanks for the Gifcities hoard, your curatorial eye is extremely discerning.
2:19pm 04-28-2022
Nice site, I wish you luck on whichever future endeavors you wish to pursue Daniel.
11:03pm 04-26-2022
Cheese Palindrome
This is cool but also overstimulating at times. But i vibe with it. you know i love you
4:21am 04-04-2022
Really glad I took the suggestion to open up the ambient music for this site, really elevated the whole experience. Makes me sad that years upon years of irresponsible autoplay have killed that particular avenue for personal websites such as this!
11:36am 03-30-2022
I love this site so much but the cherry on top is the S.P.E.C.I.A.L numbers
2:24pm 03-21-2022
Dan from Pre-Dead
@August easily the highest praise I have ever received and also exactly what I’m going for. That's me. I'm the guy. Minus the Igors. I just have a cat who can see the future. Stay tuned for more mad science
11:03am 03-21-2022
this place is pure mad science. if it was a guy it'd be permanently in a state of dwelling in suspicious corners and blasting out beautiful warbles from a theremin (powered, naturally, by a massively complex setup of tesla coils and various scurrying igors). massive stuff
1:51pm 03-18-2022
Hey there Dan! This place is freaky... i love itt
7:10pm 03-15-2022
Dan from Pre-Dead
Crossposted from my own profile, in reply to Teeth:
First off: No, I do not support the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. It is a terrible tragedy that has caused untold amounts of suffering for millions of innocent people already. War is nightmarish. Full stop. I am not versed well enough on the history of the conflict to say anything intelligent on the matter aside from this simple truth, really, and do not want to play armchair political analyst because I feel like it’s in very poor taste. I think, though, that it is well within reason to approach the narrative that comes from the same machine that brought you the war in Iraq (among others) with a degree of skepticism.
Likewise, I am not immune to propaganda, as the old saying goes. I think that’s all there is to say here. Here’s a 2015 Chomsky interview that I think is useful in navigating this now:
In closing: I don't agree with every word ever penned by the user in question, but it's pretty normal and healthy to talk to people you disagree with. My interactions with a total stranger do not compromise my own beliefs. Нет войне.
2:53pm 03-15-2022
Koskha, one you recently interacted with is in support with the ongoing war Russia waged. You can still see their comments on their profile page 2weeks~ ago. Are you in support of this?
10:38am 03-07-2022
good shit
9:42am 03-01-2022

7:44am 02-18-2022
Very inspiring site
12:23am 02-16-2022
A couple of the new poetry bits really hit home with/for me, thank you.
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